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Mercedes Benz AMG CLA C118 (2019-Present) SG

Affordable doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality! Trapo Eco is the best solution for your Mercedes Benz AMG CLA C118 (2019-Present) SG a budget-friendly, yet feature packed car mat.

As the name suggests, Trapo Eco is our more sustainable and eco-friendly product to date. Made of up to 68% of recycled materials, we give a second life to manufacturing waste complying with UNSDG goal No.12.

But don't be deceived by the price, Trapo Eco comes with a host of features you need to elevate the driving experience of your Mercedes Benz AMG CLA C118 (2019-Present) SG  Great looks, durable and super easy to clean!

What are you going to receive in the package:
1 x Driver Seat Mat
1 x Padding
1 x Front Left Passenger Seat Mat
3 x Rear Seat Mats
1 x Boot Mat (Optional Add On)

Base colour
Lining colour

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