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Oxtra Hydrophobic Wiper Blade


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The solution to CLEAR VISION during rainy drives is here!
Introducing the brand new Oxtra Hydrophobic Wiper Blades, which features a silicone-blend to deliver excellent wiping performance. Designed with industrial-strength hydrophobic coating properties, it also means that water runs down your windshield screens in beads, so that your vision remains crystal clear at all times (especially during the rain!). 

Oxtra Hydrophobic Wiper Blades can withstand extreme temperatures, including intense heat during sunnier days. Plus, it’s extremely durable and performs with less friction than your traditional rubber car wipers. Perfect for multiple years of use!

Special features:

  • Creates a strong water-repellent coating with every swipe
  • Intense water-beading effect
  • Prevents water build-up
  • Quick and easy to install

Now clearer vision is achievable anytime, anywhere. Made possible with Oxtra Hydrophobic Wiper Blades.

*DISCLAIMER: Item is sold PER UNIT not in pairs.