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Terms & Conditions (New)

Trapo warranty is valid for the specified period from the date of purchase or installation, whichever is applicable based on the product/service. Please refer to your purchase receipt for the exact duration. Any inquiries on the product warranty, please email us at cscommercial.my@trapo.com or 010-66138709.

The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. It does not cover damage caused by misuse, accidents, unauthorised modifications, or any other external factors.

To initiate a warranty claim, the customer must provide proof of purchase and contact our customer service within the warranty period. A valid claim will result in repair, replacement, or refund, as determined by our service team.

The warranty does not cover consumable parts, accessories, or any damage resulting from improper installation, maintenance, or usage not in accordance with provided instructions, or customer prior conditions that affect Trapo products performance.

The warranty is void if the product’s unauthorised repairs have been attempted, or if the product has been subjected to misuse or neglect.

Customers are responsible for shipping costs associated with warranty claims, except in cases where the product is determined to be faulty upon initial receipt.

Trapo Dashcam
Trapo i-SIGHT Dashcam T-550: 1 Year Warranty
Trapo i-SIGHT Dashcam T-350: 1 Year Warranty

Trapo Tint Films
Trapo Crystal Tint Films. In the event of fading or discoloration that causes the nanoceramic tint to significantly change color over time, we will cover any damage with a 3-year warranty that impacts visibility and clarity on top of any other performance decline relating to the window film.

Trapo Dfend Security Tint Films. In the case of cracking or chipping caused by external factors, whether it be damage caused from stone chipping or a minor crash, our 5-year warranty will cover any damage that impacts the shatter-resistant features as well as any other performance decline relating to the window film. Plus, FREE tint replacement in the event of break-ins.

Trapo Chroma Premium Tint Films. For the top of the line, we offer extensive 10-year warranty coverage for any issues or performance decline impacting its heat-rejection capabilities. shatter-resistant features as well as aesthetic-flaws that affect the tint's privacy-feature capabilities. Plus, FREE tint replacement in the event of glass replacement or break-ins.

Trapo Car Coating
Discoloration Prevention: Coated paintwork remains free from discoloration.
Oxidation & Corrosion Protection: Shielded paintwork won't deteriorate due to oxidation or corrosion
Hydrophobic Loss Re-Coat: If hydrophobic effect diminishes, free re-coating applies.
Accident-Related Knockdown Re-Coat: Coated panel affected by accidents receives free re-coating (except. Total Lost Accidents).
Exclusions: Coverage does not extend to wear and tear, road debris, scratches, watermarks, collisions, intentional damage, or accidents.
Non-Transferable Warranty: Warranty does not transfer to new car owners upon sale.
Voided Warranty: Warranty becomes void if coated car is serviced externally for washing, polishing, or waxing.
Maintenance Requirement: Car owners must schedule maintenance at our Service Centre every 6 months.

Trapo Quik Shield: 12 Months Warranty cover paints gloss & hydrophobic effect.
Trapo Pro Shield: 3 Years Warranty cover paints gloss & hydrophobic effect.
Trapo Diamond Shield: 4 Years Warranty cover paints gloss & hydrophobic effect .

Trapo PPF Film
This warranty applies to Trapo Car's Products professionally installed according to our guidelines, included: Yellowing, Cracking, Glue Residue, Corrosion, Hydrolysis, Dulness.

Trapo Protect+ PPF Film. 5 Years Warranty cover cracking, peeling and distortion.
Trapo Pro+ PPF Film. 7 Years Warranty cover cracking, peeling and distortion.
Non-compliance with our guidelines, improper storage, installation, handling, or use, damage not from manufacturing defects, unreasonable use,Installation on non-painted areas, scratches, scuffs, scrapes, or chips, damage from improper washing, third parties, water spots, stains, or scratches damage from accidents, vandalism, fire, hail, flood, rust, rail dust, or outside forces, non-automotive use, non-Trapo coatings, Risks from non-original paint area installation.Bi-annual Inspection (Every 6 months),Trapo Certified Installer's inspection required within 30 days of installation anniversary.

For warranty coverage, please follow our instructions for storage, handling, installation, and use.