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TRAPO Rainguard Repellant

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Rain, Rain, go away.

The Trapo Rainguard Glass Coating is a special formulated windscreen rain repellant that now comes with A BIGGER BOTTLE. Designed for your convenience. Trapo Rainguard Glass Coating is now packaged as a spray and wipe solution for immediate clarity. With the rainguard itself, driver's are now able to provide themselves with clearer vision and better water beading effect anytime, anywhere, especially during rainy seasons.

Now comes with a Spray-And-Wipe Function for easy use! Not only you are able to use for your car, you are now also able to use it on your home items such as on the shower glass.


  • Easy,Multi-versatile Application and Usage
  • Utilize Nano Coating
  • 2-in-1 Water beading + Cleaning Function
  • Can be applied on all window and mirror surfaces (cars & home)


- Easy Application
- Utilize Nano Coating
- 2-in-1 Waterbeading + Cleaning Function


1 to 1 Warranty policy
Trapo offers 1 to 1 warranty exchange policy with faulty products from manufacturing defects. The product will be evaluated by our product specialist, any damage caused by the user is will not be part of this.