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The All-New Trapo Classic Mark III now comes infused with patented active bacteria-killing technology. Eliminate 99.99% of bacteria with a simple rinse of water for worry-free travels.

What’s New

Now infused with antibacterial technology, our car mats inhibit foul odours from the source by eliminating 99.99% of bacteria. This also help eliminate fungus growth typically seen in traditional car mats after prolonged exposure to moisture.

Key Features

Custom made Car Mats

Covering over 1000 models and counting, all Trapo Car Mats are bespoke to their individual vehicles and are expertly measured to ensure the ultimate fit and coverage of any car mat in the market.

Order Online Done Offline

We pride ourselves on our industry leading customer experience, be it online or offline! Come drop by any one of our Trapo Hubs located throughout the country to experience our products and complimentary services.

Direct To You

Each order is handled directly by our in-house team, allowing us to reduce delivery times and respond quicker to your enquiries.