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Over 800 partners nationwide underline our platform’s success in the automotive industry. We deliver quality and value-added products, so they can build a competitive advantage and thrive in the competitive landscape.


Autogoodies is a subdivision of Trapo Malaysia, aiming to help automotive businesses in Malaysia grow and deliver value-added services to their customers. With Autogoodies, a B2B platform for automotive businesses to buy cost-friendly, genuine and value-added car accessories, we transform the way traditional automotive business operates.

Built with our partners in mind, we are always exploring new strategies to improve our partnership while finding ways to solve the challenges our partners face in their business. We believe that running a successful business is ultimately about helping others, in believing so we always seek to add value to our partners and customers. Through  our (Trapo and Oxtra) products and services, we hope to turn our partners into industry leaders and become the primary car accessories providers for their customers.

We have been growing our partner network for the last 2 years. Currently, we have partnered with over 800 automotive-related businesses and enterprises from all regions of Malaysia, and we’re still seeing a huge potential for growth. We believe that we can elevate the driving experience for all drivers and want to be the No.1 car accessories company in South East Asia in the future.


Why partner with us?

Exclusive Member's Discount

Autogoodies provides partners with excellent margins and discounts on the resale of our Trapo Cat Mats and Oxtra accessories.

Innovative and Genuine Products

Trapo and Oxtra products offer nothing less than the best quality. We strive to encourage a safe, hygienic and comfortable driving experience for drivers through innovative and reasonable priced car accessories.

Sample Demo Kits

Autogoodies Sample Demo Kit allows you to do product demonstrations and presentations to your customers, featuring the functions of our products.

Live Chat & Email support

Our Autogoodies team will provide product training and technical support that you need, to make your business a success.

Priority Order

Priority will be given to orders done by partners of a higher tier, this means a shorter time of shipment and delivery.


Contact us to explore more member benefits and join us in transforming the automotive industry