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BMW M3 Coupe (2002-2006)

Base colour
Lining colour
Driver + Passenger
Front + Rear
All Included

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Trapo Fix is our latest innovation to revolutionize conventional car mats, offering premium car solution to the market. Trapo Fix is added underneath our  Trapo Classic as a substitute to velcros. The patented technology fits perfectly and causes 0%  damage to all kinds of car floorboards, taking anti-slip experience to the next level. Select below how many pieces of Trapo Car Mats you would like to add on with Trapo Fix features.

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Experience the ultimate in car mat innovation with the all-new Trapo Classic Mark IV Car Mats. Our mats feature superior Anti-Slip performance, ensuring they stay firmly in place even during the most challenging drives. With our innovative Realgrip Anti-Slip Technology powered by performance polymers from ExxonMobil, you can trust that your mats will provide unparalleled stability and safety.

Installing and maintaining your Trapo Classic Mark IV Car Mats is a breeze. They're designed for easy installation and cleaning, so you can spend less time fussing with your mats and more time enjoying the road ahead. Plus, our mats offer a better, more seamless fit for your vehicle, ensuring maximum coverage and protection for your car's interior.

Upgrade your driving experience with Trapo Classic Mark IV Car Mats today and enjoy superior Anti-Slip performance, effortless installation and cleaning, and a perfect fit for your vehicle. What you’ll enjoy:

  • Easy to clean material
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Superior Anti-Slip performance with Realgrip Technology
  • Customizable: 5 lining colours, 3 base colours
  • 3 Years Warranty

What are you going to receive in the package:
1 x Driver BMW Mat
1 x Padding
1 x Front Left Passenger BMW Mat
3 x Rear BMW Mats
1 x Boot Mat(Optional Add On)

Other great features

• 1 Year Warranty
• Improved padding design
• Improved Velcro
• Easy to clean
• Easily Traps mud & dirt
• No smell
• Waterproof
• Anti-Slip
• Recyclable


1. How do I know if Trapo Classic fits my car?

-We understand that shopping online can at times leave you with questions on how an item will fit you. For each product, Trapo has designed it closest to the original mat sizes. However, whenever you would like to have your customized size, please do email us and we will try our best to meet your requirements. Please contact us at enquiry.my@trapo.asia

2. Material

- TRAPO Car Mats are made up of a mixture of 50% recycled material with 50% virgin polymer product. Our car mats are guaranteed to be safe, odourless and safe for everyone.

3. Cleaning Guide When you see your Trapo Car mats are dirty, that means it is time to clean it. Follow the steps below:

- Flip / Tap / Vacuum to remove the dirt - Simply rinse with clean water. Use a soft brush if needed.

- Air dry, avoid direct sunlight - Place in the car once dried.

4. Shipping

- All Trapo car mats are made to order. After receiving the customer's order, we will process and send it to be manufactured and shipped. For the customer to receive their order, this process usually takes 3-7 working days.

5. Trap Points

- TRAP POINTS is a customer loyalty program that allows the customer to redeem cash during purchase. Every Ringgit spent will be transformed into 10 Trap Points, Collected Trap Points can be redeemed at checkout. Trap Points is only valid for customers who purchase through Trapo Malaysia Official Website www.my.trapo.asia