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Phone Holder

Choose Your Phone Holder

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Step 1: Pick Your Phone Holders
Choose three phone holders from our range:

1.TRAPO Gravity - for stability
2.TRAPO Premium Foldable Magsafe - for convenience
3.TRAPO Universal Mount - for versatility

Step 2: Choose Your Mounts
Select three mounts:

1.TRAPO Safelock Vent Mount - for secure grip
2.TRAPO Flexgrip Headrest Mount - for fun entertainment
3.TRAPO Magsafe Phone Holder PRO - for easy use

Step 3: Make Your Set
Combine your chosen holders and mounts to create your own Mix-N-Match set, designed just for you.

Step 4: Improve Your Drive Enjoy enhanced driving safety and convenience:

Easy operation. Flexible viewing angles. Secure phone mounting. Explore our Mix-N-Match Phone Holder Collection today and create your perfect set for a satisfying driving experience!